About Me

About Ill Soul Mixing

My name is William "Soul B." Bowser, and this is IllSoulMixing.com, a website dedicated to me and the projects I work on.

What is Ill Soul Mixing?
Ill Soul Mixing is a one stop shop for all your musical needs, questions and answers from myself and my engineering friends. Besides that this site is designed to accommodate my customers with a safe and easy place for there projects to be worked on personally and professional.

Who is William "Soul B." Bowser?

Music is what I do and I love it. My fondest memories are sitting on my mothers couch listening to records in the living room. Singing along with Micheal Jackson, The O Jays, Earth Wind and Fire, The Carpenters etc. and thinking I want to be like that one day. Little did I know my family was already deep into the music scene in New York City as DJ's, radio promoters, engineers, singers and producers.

 Well, as you know now (a lot of years later) I am an audio engineer based out of Maryland. I have done alot as a musician (rapper, singer, engineer, producer) wearing all the hats of my family lineage and now falling into the role of owner, engineer, producer, arranger, writer and mentor. I am married, travel, and run a company (2 actually) called Ill Soul Productions & Studio's. I have been engineering close to 10 years now and like most labors of love have had my ups and downs with the music industry but love all the experiences friends and colleagues I have. I live a good life and want better for me and mine (artist & family). Simple :)

Welcome to my side of the board, lets move some faders and make some records