Monday, August 8, 2011

Ahhh, EQ We Meet Again

This is for all my young engineers please listen closely.

Use the high pass and low filters!!!!

I run into this problem all the time when I get home recorded mixes. Look guys I know what that mic looks like and I know some of them have roll offs on them, use them. All that low end rumble you pick up when you record is unnecessary for your recordings and definitely increasing your noise floor. Now alot of you are saying well isn't that your job to clean all that up and my answer is both yes and no. A great recording yields a great mix which yields a great master period.

This also goes for the new mixing engineers. High pass filter and low pass filters are your friends and should be used to get your material sounding its best brightest. This also will help you put all your music in there sonic spaces to be heard individually in the mix. Remember, your building a house made of sound and every thing has to be right or it will fall apart when someone comes to look at it. All DAW's come with pretty good standard EQ's that can get all your EQ needs done so the thought that you can't make a great sounding record using the stock EQ's of any DAW is preposterous.

So this week I want all of you rookie engineers to help your clients get there projects closer to that great sound you want out of a great mix. Aim for what you want to hear your song mix to sound like while mixing engineers you should be mixing like you want your master to sound like. I guarantee you will see amazing results in very little to no time at all.

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