Sunday, August 7, 2011


My name is William "Soul B." Bowser and I am a mixing engineer as well as owner and operator of "Ill Soul Productions and Studio's".

I created this blog for one purpose only (with the hope it will develop into more lol) and that is for posting up mixes and the projects I am currently working on. I will also be accepting projects through this page as well so my clients (previous and future) have a guaranteed way to contact me for work on there current projects. I will also be posting tips and pics on the people places and things I go through on a weekly basis so I hope that will be as fun of an experience to watch as it is for me to do.

My studio (home studio) is located in St. Mary's County Maryland and is a full service recording, mixing and mastering studio. Though small in size for a more personal approach it is big on sound and that is what matters to everyone. The studio is all in the box (ITB) with a few select pieces of outboard gear that I use to taste mainly on vocal recording and production. I have been engineering for close to a decade (that made me sound real old lol) and still learn new things from others around me. Engineering to be one of the greatest to ever sit behind a console is a life long learning process and can be some of the most fun anyone in our business has ever had.

Here are a few of the sites I run as well since I also run a production company and have artist signed to it

Websites of My Work

I hope this journey like others in life helps and guides some of you to a better understanding, enjoyment and purposeful musical experience.

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